QR Codes

Still curious about these and how effective they are for learning.  Are they just a gimmicky way to encourage kids to link to websites and content you want them to go to? Will they last?  I guess the barcode has stuck around so maybe these will too. Lots of teachers are using them – they put them on posters around the classroom so that students can quickly scan them with their smartphones and easily access websites relevant for their subject.  I heard recently of a teacher “hiding” a series of them connected to a language topic her Spanish class were doing around the school and the students then had to follow instructions to find them.  Whilst I was out in Hamilton Gardens a couple of weekends ago, I noticed that the new Maori garden has QR codes on the information boards and I have seen them in museums so that visitors can access further information.
I think it is important to make sure that when you find a tool that you are excited about, that you don’t rush in and use it in class just for the sake of using it.  There is a certain “gimmick” factor that motivates students initially but unless there is an authentic pedagogical focus on the activity the students soon tire of the “whizz bang” element of web 2.0 tools.  I know this because I have been guilty of doing just that in the past and experienced some spectacular failures! Seeing a tool, being determined to use it, and building an activity around it, doesn’t generally work.  Nowadays, I decide what my learning focus is first and quite often as I am planning my lesson, I think of a tool that might help me to deliver it more effectively, or enhance the learning outcomes.
Anyway,  just so that I know how they work, I thought I’d try creating one anyway – this links to a blog that I have set up to follow what my Spanish classes are doing.  
If you think of a cool way of how these might be used – please feel free to comment. Thought I’d try creating one anyway – this links to a blog that I have set up to follow what my Spanish classes are doing.


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